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Tourers (in relation to COVID)

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Please see below how we have changed some of our procedures to ensure we keep customers, and staff safe and well whilst touring.

Whilst there are some new processes and procedures that may be unfamiliar and some elements may take slightly longer than usual due to COVID Secure protocols, rest assured our usual high standards of friendliness and cleanliness will ensure you continue to enjoy the great outdoors with us.

Arriving on site
The next time you arrive on-site you will notice a few changes. Please do not plan to pay in cash. Telephone debit card payments will be taken 3 days before arrival Check-in will be by phone. Only pre-booked units will be admitted to the Park.

  • A member of staff will take payment (via the phone) and provide you with all the details you need.
  • An envelope with your name and pitch number on it will be in the porch of the house, inside will be all the details you need to stay safe on the park. Site maps will be provided in the envelope. Full service pitches will have a sterilised water key inside for immediate use at the pitch.

Pitching up
The vast majority of our pitches are at least 6m apart laterally from the centre, so we already have good social distancing in place. Please pitch to the far left of the pitch. If you are on a full service pitch, please return the water key to the porch when you leave for a member of staff to sterilise ready for the next customer.

Using the toilet blocks
Please use your own facilities as much as possible. Before entering the shower/toilet blocks use the hand sanitiser provided, face masks will protect others. SOCIAL DISTANCE AT ALL TIMES The shower blocks will be thoroughly cleaned twice a day and sanitiser will be topped up but please let a member of staff know if you find any empty or not working – 07774842199.

Using other communal facilities
Our other common facilities such as service points, laundry rooms, and information rooms are also open please use sanitiser before entering and wear a mask. Waste disposal areas will be limited to use by one family group at any one time to meet social distancing requirements. Hand sanitisers are available in all areas;

  • Should the facility be occupied or in use, there will be the need to queue externally and observe the Government social distancing requirements.

Using social areas
Playground areas are now allowed to be open, please encourage your children the use the sanitiser provided before entering.

Our shop is open 24/7 with a snack machine and cold drinks machine, a list of other items we supply are on the notice board in the shop.

What if I'm unwell on site?
We really hope this doesn't happen but if you’re staying on-site and feel unwell please follow the guidance below.

  • Go online to NHS 111.
  • Call the park phone number 07774842199 to let the park owner know.

Checking out
Please return your water key if you have been using a full service pitch to ensure they are cleaned and sanitised appropriately for the next guest.

Doing your bit on site
Please respect each other and the guidance provided by the Government we can all stay safe and well.

  • Keep to footpaths where possible and avoid shortcutting across pitches.
  • Always follow the current government guidance on-site and in the local area.
  • Please obtain permission for guest to visit from the park owner before they enter the park premises.

It has been a very difficult time for everyone but we must all work together to ensure a safe and relaxing holiday for everyone staying at Kingsbridge. All the usual park conditions apply.

Please see our Tariff and Policies pages

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